Hello, I'm Shannon Reid.

I've had a passion for photography since I was little and have decided to take that and share it with others. I enjoy capturing memories that you will cherish forever.

While I love portraits of any type, horses are what really pushed my love for photography. I've been in the horse industry for over 15 years and know the dedication and bond that is required to be successful with horses. Whether trail riding or competing at the highest level.

My support system

TYLER // 7+ years experience

SADIE // 2+ years experience

Sabrina // 9+ years experience

What makes booking with me different?

I'm here to make you look good...literally. I believe that begins with creating a comfortable relationship. Being comfortable with one another allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Let's crack some jokes...

I enjoy taking some time while we prep or walk to our location to really get to know each other. What's your story? What makes you "you?" It sounds cheesy, but what do you enjoy? What pets do you have? What do you do outside of work? If it is an equine session, how did you find your equine partner? What makes them special? If an engagement session, how'd you find each other?

After our session I love to keep in touch with clients. Where is your life taking you. If you are a senior did you go to college? If it was an engagement or wedding session lets see those honeymoon photos! If it's a horse and rider session what shows or fun rides have you gone on?

I also believe that no question is a stupid question. I often get "I know this is stupid but..."

Don't hesitate to ask me questions. This is all about you. I'm here to clear up any concerns you have before (and after) our time together. Need outfit advice? Don't hesitate to ask me!


Amy & Lily Atkinson

1 / 5

"Soooo many fantastic photos! How will we ever choose? Thank you Shannon for a great experience."

1 / 5